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Transformational DEI Organizational Training

Our Transformational DEI Organizational Training Program is specifically crafted for business owners, operations managers, HR leaders, and people & culture leaders seeking a comprehensive understanding of effective DEI implementation. This interactive training consists of 8 two-hour modules, delivered live by skilled instructors who progressively build on key concepts.

Participants will gain deep insights through a structured curriculum covering these critical modules:

- DEI Foundational Concepts, Vocabulary, and the Business Case

- Understanding Unconscious Bias and Micro-Aggressions in the Workplace

- Effective Communication, Feedback, and Courageous Conversations

- Civility and Up-stander Intervention Training

- Understanding Oppression, Racism, and Practicing Radical Acceptance

- Creating a Culture of Equity and Inclusion through Value Alignment and Habit Formation

- Optimizing the Environment and Sustaining Change

- Creating Your DEI Plan with Data-Driven Key Performance Indicators

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Throughout the program, participants will gain practical knowledge through a mix of concise lectures, role-play exercises, and case study analysis. The training also incorporates frameworks, local demographic reviews, and policy assessments to ensure the strategies are applicable and relevant to each industry. Attendees will receive expert guidance to draft a comprehensive DEI and Culture Plan, along with relevant policy reviews, emphasizing their application to available grants.

How will this training program align with our existing business objectives and deliver measurable results?
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How can we ensure that the concepts learned in this training will be implemented and sustained long-term within our organization?
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What kind of support or follow-up can we expect after completing this training program to help reinforce its principles?
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