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Hi! I'm Adriana, an MBA and SHRM SCP qualified Culture Strategist. I help business owners develop a strong company culture that enhances their identity, encourages employee engagement, and leads to exceptional performance and results.

Initially, I focused on improving business processes, learning about ISO, Six Sigma, Lean Enterprise, and Project Management. Although successful, I learned that without the right team, success is limited.

I then explored human resources and talent acquisition, aiming to find, train, and retain top talent. However, I discovered even the best team members might leave, showing me that processes and people alone aren't enough for success.

I realized the key to success is creating a strong culture that unites processes and people. It's about more than inspirational quotes; it's about making the culture real through employee actions and attitudes. That’s what I’m here to help you achieve.

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A Great Team Of Industry Experts

Adriana Vaccaro
Adriana Vaccaro
President - CEO

Adriana is the CEO of Culture Redesigned, specializing in aligning Human Capital with Business Results using Behavioral Science Data. An experienced HR leader, her areas of expertise include employee engagement, DEI strategy, change management, and training.

She is passionate about diversity as a driver of economic growth and leads initiatives empowering minorities. Born in Colombia and a U.S. citizen, Adriana holds an MBA and is certified in HR Management and Six Sigma. She promotes workplaces where everyone feels included and can achieve a sense of belonging.

Adriana Siemaszko
Adriana Siemaszko
Director of Outreach

Adriana Siemaszko is the Director of Outreach at Culture Redesigned. Honored as the 2023 Emerging Leader Award recipient by the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce's Diverse Professionals Roundtable, she builds international partnerships and enhances employment opportunities with South American consulates and governmental bodies

Previously a Bio Pharma sales consultant in Colombia, Adriana specialized in forging strategic partnerships and raising job opportunity awareness, showcasing her skills in cross-cultural collaboration and leadership.

Sarai Rivera
Dr. Sarai Rivera

The Honorable Rev. Dr. Sarai Rivera, an Afro-Boriqua born in the Bronx, is a leading advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). Raised in Worcester, Massachusetts, she holds degrees in psychology, clinical social work, and urban ministries, working professionally since 1988. An instrumental figure in policy creation and implementation, she has advanced equity to support community economic growth, educational opportunities, public safety, and health access. Her career spans from direct care, in community mental health, crisis intervention, to college professor, public speaker/educator, medical administrator, consultant, faith leader, social justice advocate and legislator. Trained in systems thinking, she has utilized this approach to explore and develop effective actions in complex contexts, facilitating meaningful systems change. She has been instrumental in program and business development, and her efforts in policy creation and implementation have made a significant impact locally, nationally, and internationally. Rev. Dr. Rivera has received numerous awards and recognitions for her dedication and impactful work.

David Echavarria
David Echavarria
Operations Manager

David Echavarria is a dynamic tech professional and a key player in the startup community through his work with EzBusy, an AI-powered, no-code web design platform.

An Business graduate from Worcester State University, he excels in deploying innovative web technologies to enhance brand visibility and solve complex business challenges. David's strategic insight and result-driven approach make him a notable emergent leader in the tech and marketing industry, dedicated to leveraging technology for business optimization and growth.

Maria Miguelina
Maria Miguelina
Director of Training

Miguelina is a Diversity Equity and Inclusion Expert with over 20 years of International Business Experience in highly diverse environments.

During her career, she has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, Latin-America and the US. In her time off, Miguelina and her husband explore steak houses and sushi places and spend time with family and friends.

Karina Lawson
Carina Lawson
Productivity Coach

Carina Lawson, a certified high-performance coach and productivity strategist, boasts over 20 years of business analysis experience. Recognized on platforms like Enterprise Nation UK and BBC Radio, she specializes in career development, entrepreneurship, and work-life balance. Her results-driven approach supports professionals in enhancing their careers while ensuring personal well-being. Additionally, as an executive leadership trainer, she emphasizes Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB), promoting leadership that values diverse perspectives and fosters a sense of belonging.

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