Talent optimization is a four part organizational framework you can use to empower your people to carry out your business strategy and achieve optimal results.

1. PI Inspire

Improve employee performance: Any employee can be an A-player. But that’s assuming they’re motivated to succeed—that they feel their needs are heard and their goals are worth pursuing.

Talent optimization gives you a playbook to inspire and develop your people. Use behavioral insights to strengthen communication, create new career paths, and foster a culture of self-awareness.

2. PI Diagnose

Measure engagement: Engagement can be mystifying. Even if an employee has the right skills and temperament for the job, that doesn’t guarantee they’ll be engaged, motivated, or productive.

Talent optimization lets you take action on engagement. Pinpoint areas of disengagement within your organization and team and take steps to improve the employee experience.

3. PI Perform

Perform: Give managers a best-practice leadership system with PI Perform, which fits seamlessly into their day-to-day, combining relationship building and meeting management with goals, feedback, and recognition, to drive performance every day.

4. PI Design

Build high-performing teams: Build high-performing teams A team is only as strong as its people. You might have a cutting-edge business strategy, but what good is it if your people aren’t in tune with each other or the strategy they’re pursuing?

Talent optimization gets to the heart of team issues. Understand where your team’s natural strengths and opportunity areas lie and take steps to improve team cohesion and crush your goals.

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PI Perform

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