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Intentional Culture And Equity Alliance Training

Our Comprehensive Intentional Culture And Equity Alliance Training Program is meticulously crafted for professionals, managers, and directors involved in People, Process, and Operations. This extensive training consists of 15 60-minute virtual live sessions led by experienced instructors, designed to deepen your understanding and implementation of DEI principles in every facet of your organization.

Targeted towards those at the helm of shaping organizational culture and operations, this program equips you with the tools to embed core values deeply within the employee experience, foster an inclusive culture, and extend DEI principles to client and customer interactions.

Participants will engage in a rich curriculum covering vital topics such as:

- Embedding Core Values in the Employee Experience

- Creating an Inclusive Culture

- DEI-Driven Client/Customer Experience

- Cultivating Community Engagement

- Amplifying Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

- Forming a Culture Team and Drafting a Strategic Culture and DEI Plan

- Designing Effective Performance Indicators

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The program utilizes a blend of lectures, brainstorming exercises, policy review sessions, and behavioral science frameworks to ensure a comprehensive learning experience. Attendees are encouraged to bring their existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for expert review and feedback, making the learning applicable and actionable.

This program is an unparalleled opportunity for leaders dedicated to making a significant impact on their organization's culture and operational effectiveness.

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