February 24, 2023

My take on Quick and Easy Culture Transformation and DEI Initiatives

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I find myself answering this question often: How fast can you do it? While I recognize the question might come from a place of legitimate care, it is important to understand that change initiatives take time a require a lot more than the usual training session. I am of course a strong proponent of training but not of training alone.

Training is one of the components of a successful culture and DEI implementation strategy. Once training has been deployed, a series of questions must be answered:
  1. How do we implement what we learned?
  2. How do we share the new knowledge with new hires?
  3. How do we integrate new skills into daily routines and job tasks to ensure training is not only a learning event but part of a culture transformation?
  4. How do we promote individual and collective accountability?
  5. How can we track results?
  6. How can we amplify positive impact not only to reach employees but customers, clients, vendors and communities?

There is no “One-and-Done” solution to create a purpose driven intentional culture that supports equity. It requires consistent effort. Promoting fair treatment, upward mobility, a feeling of belonging, and inclusion for ALL people in the organization is not only the goal but is also the journey. As the organization evolves, the culture evolves, and inclusion efforts have to be modified and adjusted to remain relevant. Enjoy the journey!