August 31, 2023

Growing your brand through values alignment

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Our values guide not only what we do, but how we do it, why we do it, and who we do it with.

Our objective, at Culture Redesigned when we established our set of core values, was to make them clear and tactical enough that they would become a behavioral guide. Let’s review them
  • Cultivate trust.
  • Catalyze learning.
  • Challenge Assumptions.
  • Address the blind spots.
  • Create lasting impact.

While some organizations write core values in an abstract or poetic way, for example: Passion, Creativity, Honesty. We decided to take an action-oriented approach. We wanted our values to serve as a guide on how we conduct ourselves with clients, coworkers, and the communities we serve. This approach also allows our employees to be a “culture-add” as opposed to a “culture fit” which promotes authenticity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. And lastly, but equally important it facilitates the decision making of potential clients, partners, and employees. Our values allow them to assess if our style is something they can embrace and commit to. We include our values in our proposals, our presentations, our marketing material, our interview process, our performance management, our job descriptions, and our community engagement initiatives. Yes, we also have them on the office wall the website but that is secondary. 😊We guide founders and CEOs to create and sustain an inclusive culture in the workplace where ALL employees can thrive. Using our unique Culture Transformation Method we develop a comprehensive solution for your most important resource, your people.Would you like to grow your brand through values alignment? Reach out to us here.