May 25, 2022

Culture and the trend of authenticity.

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We hear and read it often these days. “Be authentic” but what does it really mean? In my opinion, authenticity refers to letting go of the need to filter or dilute who we really are to fit in a place or a situation.

True connection happens when we reveal ourselves allowing people to relate to us.

When we let go of the perceived need to blend in, or match the “mold”, and embrace our whole identity, that is when we give ourselves permission to be authentic. In terms of the workplace, authentic relationships are effortless. You don’t have to fake it until you make it. In fact, in a workplace that supports authenticity, you can grow, evolve, and develop yourself while your teammates encourage and support that transformation. One of the commonalities between an authentic individual and an authentic workplace, is the fact that both remain true to their values. Values guide behaviors. Knowing exactly what values we stand for can help us identify other individuals, organizations, communities, and groups that are in alignment with our beliefs. At the same time those values let us identify the organizations or communities that might not resonate with us. Authentic doesn’t mean uncomfortable. And authentic doesn’t mean too comfortable. To fully show up authentically, employees need a deep sense of belonging and psychological safety. When a workplace culture fosters diversity, inclusion, equity, respect, and fairness, employees feel naturally inspired to bring out their best version of themselves. If you can share who you are, while doing what you love, you might just be in the right workplace. Being part of a corporate culture that celebrates differences and allows employees to create meaningful connections is fun and rewarding. An organization’s culture is reflected in its employees’ everyday behaviors and attitudes about their work, how well they collaborate, and how they interact with current and potential clients and stakeholders.