April 25, 2022

Corporate Culture Beyond the Workplace

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One of the benefits of culture initiatives is the creation of a sustainable triple win. Win-Win-Win for the Employees, the Company, and the Community. Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate Citizenship is a great way for organizations to be intentional about the positive impact they want to create in their local landscape. The principle behind this type of initiative goes beyond the workplace. Employees are invited to be part of a business model where there is a true concern and intention to operate in ways that improve the local community.

Research supports that when employees are doing work to help their communities their level of purpose, connection, and engagement with their job is elevated.

Activities related to Corporate Social Responsibility are a great way to raise morale and productivity in the workplace. Just like every company has a different culture. A corporate Social Responsibility effort could look very different depending on the corporate values that employees are trying to find alignment with. Creating a voluntary Social Responsibility committee is always a good first step for employees to have a voice and organized ways of participation and contribution. Actions that benefit the society in which a company operates are a great way to differentiate an organization from its competitors. These programs demonstrate that companies can offer more than a workplace but an opportunity for individuals to become positive change agents. We are not talking about having one food drive for the local pantry and posting pictures on your social media just to get some accolades. We are talking about a serious commitment with organized and consistent outlets for your employees to plan and execute activities that support the needs of the community on an ongoing basis. Don’t know where to start? Reach out to us.