April 7, 2022

Culture is DEI&B’s Best Friend

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging are absolutely fascinating concepts. The impact of DEI&B initiatives is powerful in the workplace and beyond. The question is:

How do we take DEI&B from concept to reality? Simple answer: Culture.

Culture refers to the set of beliefs and behaviors that guide how every individual in a company interacts with coworkers, suppliers, management, clients, and the community they serve. If you want your organization to embrace principles, practices, and behaviors that support fairness, justice, equity, inclusion, and belonging make sure your DEI&B is not a stand-alone effort. Your DEI&B strategy should be incorporated in your culture blueprint. Changing the way a company operates can be difficult, here are three strategies to support a positive transformation that embraces DEI&B:

  1. Small steps: Yes, I know you want to create a massive transformation. But the best way is to start with small steps that employees can easily embrace. Consistent small efforts create meaningful transformation over time and more importantly they are easier to adopt.
  2. Think Community: When your company’s commitment can be displayed in the community you are not only transforming your workplace but also supporting social transformation. Projects that positively affect the community in which the company operates create higher levels of employee engagement, a sense of pride, and are directly connected with retention rates in the workplace.
  3. Communicate Results: Often companies make an effort in communicating new initiatives but they forget about closing the loop. Results should also be communicated. Positive results are inspiring. When employees are aware of the positive change and traction that the company is achieving, new ideas, initiatives, leaders, and champions are discovered.

We would love to hear what your company is doing to support Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and belonging in the workplace and beyond.